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Please ensure that all details given are correct before continuing with the purchase.

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157 VMF
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Transfer Details
The nominees name should be exactly the same name entered as the registered keeper on the V5C log book for the recipient vehicle. If the registration is to be assigned at a later date then the nominee name should be replicated on the V5 log book of the vehicle at first registration.
Please enter the current registration of the recipient vehicle. If the purchased registration is to be held on a DVLA Certificate then enter "DVLA".
Please note that you cannot make a vehicle appear younger than it is through the assignment of a cherished registration.
Terms and Conditions is the website for and the trading name of Chestnut Registrations Ltd herein referred to as Chestnut Reg.
All the following terms and conditions will apply for all transactions carried out by Chestnut Reg either from the Chestnut Reg website online facility, telephone or any postal orders.

All registration numbers are sold subject to availability, DVLA Transfer Fee and VAT (where applicable).

Under the Distance Selling Regulations (2000) Chestnut Reg is obliged to inform you that the service we provide begin as soon as the registration mark is reserved on your behalf and that subsequently there is no cooling off period, the transaction cannot be reversed and a refund will not be given.

It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that all the correct information given to a Chestnut Reg representative or details entered onto any Chestnut Reg internet form at the time of purchase are correct.
Chestnut Reg representatives will use the standard phonetics at all times to refer to combinations requested by the purchaser. Further DVLA fees may be applicable if the wrong information is given
The registered keeper of the vehicle is the exact name of the person, company or organisation who is or will be showing on the V5C Vehicle Registration Document (known as the log book).
The registered keeper will be referred to as the nominee.
You cannot use a registration number to make the vehicle look younger than it actually is, i.e. you cannot put P Reg on an F Reg Vehicle. If you have any doubts please contact us before purchasing or look at the table of year letters
In some circumstances we may need to transfer your chosen registration number directly to your vehicle rather than supplying it on a retention document or certificate on entitlement.
This is in the cases of a registration number transferred to a vehicle registered in Northern Ireland from England (There may be an extra charge for this service) and also registration numbers being transferred from Northern Ireland to an English Registered vehicle.
Registrations from Northern Ireland cannot be placed directly onto a retention certificate in England it must go on an England registered vehicle and then can be placed on retention.

Under no circumstances shall the Chestnut Reg be made responsible for any failed transfer or disappointments. In such cases any payment made shall be refunded, provided that the failure is through no fault of the purchaser. Chestnut Reg's liability is strictly limited to a refund only and no claim for damages, interest on monies paid, interest charges or any other expenses shall be entertained. The purchaser agrees to submit the recipient vehicle documents as requested by the Chestnut Reg within two weeks, unless otherwise arranged and documented. Any part payment made is non-refundable unless the transfer fails through no fault of the purchaser .Balance is due in full within 14 days of purchase.
When a deposit / part payment has been taken any Balance due to Chestnut Reg to be paid by credit card will be subject to a 2% handling fee, Debit cards are not subject to any further charges.

We accept no responsibility for delay caused by the postal system ,electronic mail, the Department of Transport ,the DVLA any unforeseen circumstances or failure or delay on the part of the donor or the recipient vehicles .Whilst every attempt is made to ensure the fastest possible transfer ,Chestnut Reg cannot guarantee any specific time period for the entire transfer ,It is agreed by all parties that 12 weeks (from receipt of the balance ) would be the maximum time allowed for the transfer to take place.

In the unlikely event of the donor vehicle failing to meet the requirements of the Department of Transports a full refund shall be given to the purchaser. This agreement is not subject to cancellation. Any refunds made or agreed are at the sole discretion of the Chestnut Reg.
The purchaser agrees to be bound to the terms and conditions as set out by the DVLA and the Department of Transport in additions to those as set out by Chestnut Reg.
Our database comprises of literally many millions of registration marks. We sell registrations from our own company stock, Government stock and also registrations owned by clients.

The availability and prices of registrations shown throughout this web site may be subject to change without notice.

Best efforts are made to indicate the correct prices alongside each and every registration displayed, however, in the unlikely event of an incorrect price being shown on the website where a registration has been ordered through the internet, no money would be deducted from your credit or debit card without prior consultation with you, the Purchaser.

Your new registration number plates should not be displayed on your vehicle until you are in receipt of your new tax disc and confirmation letter from the DVLA Vehicle Registration Office.
It is you responsibility to display the registration number mark an accordance of the Display of Registration Marks Regulations 2001.
Any legal action, endorsable fines or revocation of the registration mark for failure to comply with the Display of Registration Marks Regulations 2001 Chestnut Reg accepts no liability for the above actions taken against the purchaser by the authorities in question.

Chestnut Reg is a Registered Number Plate Supplier (RNPS) Our RNPS No 658.
When number plates are ordered through Chestnut Reg we will require copies of the necessary documents accepted in relation to the manufacture of number plates.

Chestnut Reg shall reserve the right to terminate this agreement at any time, prior to the transfer being completed. Should this right be exercised by the Chestnut Reg then any payments made by the purchaser to Chestnut Reg shall be refunded in full.

In the event that the purchaser fails to respond to Chestnut Reg correspondence with regards to the pending lapse of any form of certificate, Chestnut Reg reserve the right to apply for the extension, assume ownership of the mark and consider the purchase void. In such circumstances the failure to complete shall be the responsibility of the purchaser and no refund shall be made.

Any subsequent transfers with regard to the number purchase are the sole responsibility of the purchaser however Chestnut Reg can, for a fee payable, offer a service to complete the necessary transfer on the purchaser’s behalf.

I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

I would like to receive product offers or occasional emails from Chestnut Reg.

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